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What does a flange insert do?

A flange insert, also known as a flange liner or flange bushing, is a component used to reduce the inner diameter of a flange, creating a smaller bore. Flanges are commonly used in industrial settings to connect pipes, valves, or other equipment, and they require a gasket and bolts to provide a secure and leak-proof connection.


The main purpose of a flange insert is to modify the inner diameter of the flange, which can serve several functions:


Adapting Flange Size: In some cases, a flange insert is used to adapt a larger flange to a smaller pipe or fitting. This ensures that the flanges of different sizes can be connected securely.


Reducing Pipe Size: Flange inserts can be used to reduce the pipe's size without the need to replace the entire flange, which can be cost-effective and time-saving.


Preventing Corrosion: Some flange inserts are made from materials that offer better resistance to corrosion, providing an extra layer of protection for the flange and the connecting pipes.


Enhancing Strength: Using a flange insert made from a stronger material can reinforce the flange, especially in cases where the original flange may not be able to handle high-pressure applications or aggressive substances.


Improving Alignment: Flange inserts can help align and center pipes or fittings during installation, ensuring a more precise and secure connection.


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