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What's the function of silver nursing cups

The function of silver nursing cups, also known as silver breastfeeding cups, is to collect breast milk during the breastfeeding process. Here are some key functions and benefits associated with their use:

Milk collection: When a mother nurses her baby, milk often leaks from the non-nursing breast. Silver nursing cup is designed to catch this excess milk, preventing it from being wasted or absorbed into clothing or nursing pads.

Milk preservation: By collecting the leaked breast milk, nursing cups allow mothers to preserve and store it for later use. This is particularly beneficial for mothers who produce more milk than their baby consumes or for those who want to build up a milk supply.

Relieving engorgement: Nursing cups can help relieve breast engorgement, a condition where the breasts become excessively full and uncomfortable due to an oversupply of milk. By wearing the cups, the pressure from the collected milk can be alleviated, providing relief to the mother.

Aiding in milk expression: Silver nursing cups of China silicone products can also be used to manually express milk from the non-nursing breast. By applying gentle pressure to the breast, the cups can assist in expressing milk, making it easier for the mother to empty her breasts and maintain milk supply.

Preventing nipple confusion: Unlike some artificial nursing aids, such as nipple shields or bottles, silver nursing cups do not interfere with direct breastfeeding at the breast. They allow for a natural and uninterrupted nursing experience for the baby, reducing the risk of nipple confusion or difficulty latching.

Historical and sentimental value: Silver nursing cups have been used for centuries and are often passed down through generations as family heirlooms. They hold cultural and sentimental significance, symbolizing the nurturing and bonding experience of breastfeeding.

It's important to note that while silver nursing cups have their historical uses and sentimental value, modern breastfeeding practices have evolved, and there are now various other tools and techniques available to assist with breastfeeding and milk collection, such as breast pumps and milk storage bags. It's essential for each mother to find what works best for her and her baby's specific needs.