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How do you attach a Spectra backflow protector?

Attaching a Spectra backflow protector to your Spectra breast pump is a straightforward process. Here are the general steps to attach a Spectra backflow protector:


Prepare Your Work Area:


Ensure that your work surface is clean and dry.

Wash your hands thoroughly before handling any breast pump parts.

Gather Your Supplies:


You will need the backflow protector, tubing, breast shield, collection bottle, and any other necessary breast pump parts.

Assemble the Backflow Protector:


The backflow protector typically consists of several components, including a valve/membrane, a connector, and sometimes a diaphragm cap.

Assemble the components according to the manufacturer's instructions. Generally, the valve or membrane should be securely attached to the connector.

Attach the Backflow Protector to the Pump:


Locate the backflow protector port on your Spectra breast pump. This port is usually located near the breast shield attachment point.

Align the connector of the backflow protector with the pump's port.

Push the backflow protector onto the port until it clicks or fits securely in place. Ensure that it is firmly attached to the pump.

Attach the Tubing:


Connect one end of the tubing to the tubing port on the backflow protector. Ensure that it is securely attached.

The other end of the tubing will connect to the breast shield.

Assemble the Breast Shield:


Depending on your Spectra breast pump model, the breast shield may have different attachment mechanisms. Follow the instructions provided with your specific breast shield to assemble it correctly.

Generally, you'll attach the breast shield to the tubing, ensuring a snug fit.

Connect the Collection Bottle:


Attach the collection bottle or milk storage container to the bottom of the breast shield or use a bottle stand if your breast pump includes one.

Turn On the Pump:


Once everything is securely attached, turn on your Spectra breast pump, and adjust the settings as needed for your pumping session.



You can start pumping once the breast pump is running and you have achieved the desired settings. Make sure that the backflow protector remains securely attached throughout your pumping session.

Cleaning After Use:


After you've finished pumping, follow proper cleaning and sterilization procedures for your Spectra breast pump parts, including the backflow protector, tubing, breast shield, and collection bottles.

Always refer to the user manual that comes with your Spectra breast pump for model-specific instructions and guidelines on assembling and using the backflow protector. Proper assembly and attachment of pump parts are crucial for efficient and hygienic breast pumping.