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When Should Babies Use Silicone Bibs?

Choose silicone bibs for babies

Because bibs are essential for many children when they eat, many parents will choose bibs with good materials for their babies. We often see some moms using bibs to wipe their babies' mouths, and babies will unconsciously wipe their saliva on the bibs, and often babies will accidentally eat their bibs. These details tell us that bibs are baby products that are prone to breeding bacteria. Therefore, for moms, choosing a suitable silicone bib is very important.

When the baby grows up, parents can let the baby eat complementary foods. However, when the baby eats, there will inevitably be some situations, such as not having time to eat the food, getting it on the clothes, which looks a little dirty. So this is the time to prepare a silicone bib. When is it better for babies to use silicone bibs?

Understand when babies should use silicone bibs

Actually, it is best to use silicone bibs after one year old. Why? As you know, when babies are young, they are small and fragile. They are afraid of being dropped or hurt, and of course they need to wait until the baby is well-behaved, has a little brain to think, and the body gradually grows before they can use silicone bibs. Using silicone bibs too early may affect the development of the baby because when the baby is still small, something that is relatively heavy for the baby is pressed on their shoulders, which is harmful to the baby's development.

Silicone bibs are made of food-grade environmentally friendly materials and can be trusted. They are processed and formed by silicone product manufacturers at a high temperature of more than 200 degrees. They are resistant to high temperatures, water, and oil, and are easy to clean, just rinse with water, and can be used repeatedly. In addition, silicone bibs now commonly use 3D stereoscopic design, the grooves can easily hold the food, and this design takes up less space than cotton when stored. In addition to being used as a bib, silicone can also be used to make other silicone products.

The bib must be able to catch the food residues and soup in the baby's hands and mouth, so the depth and size of the anti-leakage groove should be appropriate. If the anti-leakage groove is too shallow, the food residue and soup that fall into it will easily spill out. If the anti-leakage groove is too small, it will not catch the food residue, and it will be easy to leak onto the clothes or the floor. If it is too large, it will affect the baby's activities.

One important reason for using bibs is that bibs can avoid getting stains on clothes, and bibs are more convenient to clean, reducing the pressure for moms to wash clothes. Therefore, whether bibs are easy to clean is an important factor to consider when buying, and if you want convenience and speed, it is recommended to choose silicone bibs.